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Efco - 12inches-14inches Professional Pruning Chain Saws - 132 S
Efco - 12inches-14inches Professional Pruning Chain Saws - 132 S
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Unigreen Electric Spray

Electric Spray

Lightweight, practical, easy to handle and to use, ELECTRIC SPRAY is an aerosol U.L.V. (Ultra Low Volume) nebuliser that includes a high powered electric fan which sprays weed killing, antiparasitic, disinfectant liquids, etc. at a distance of 6-7 meters, through special nozzles. The tank is in corrosion proof polythene and the machine is equipped with double insulation in compliance with international standards. A special metering valve regulates liquid suction, which produces different density mist. Just pour the required liquid into the tank and ELECTRIC SPRAY is ready for use. It does not stain walls and leaves no drips.

ELECTRIC SPRAY is especially suitable for disinfection and disinfestations and can be used in various environments such as: cellars, breeding areas, dairies, food industries, orchards and gardens, hot house, small vineyards, fruit trees, civil dwellings, rural and industrial buildings, public areas, warehouse, open markets, parks and camp sites, public transport means, etc. ELECTRIC SPRAY has a particular nebulisation system: each hole of the triple nozzle is equipped with a double fixed turbine creating a particularly dense and efficient spray. the product is perfectly micronized and can be controlled by a regulating valve on the motor casing.

• Vortexes and delivery regulator in hostafan.
• Tank in corrosion-proof polythene.
• Silicone type delivery and suction lift pipes.
• Structure with double insulation against short circuits.
• Switch directly mounted on the motor casing.
• 5m cable with current tap supplied.
• Delivery regulation valve: enables to continuously and precisely control the quantity of the nebulise mixture.
• "CE" symbol of conformity.
Technical Data:
• Motor: universal 220 V, 50 Hz. Other voltages and frequencies can be supplied on request (110 V, 50 Hz;
  120 V, 60 Hz).
• Power: 1,000 W.
•Tank capacity: 5 Lt.
• Empty weight: 3.5 Kg.
• Dimensions: 29 (w) x 43 (h) x 26 (d) cm.
• Delivery: 15 Lt/hr max (with product density 1).
• Nebulization density: 5 Lt. are sufficient to saturate a volume of 4,500 cube metres.
• Average drip diameter: 20/60 micron.
Unigreen Electric Spray
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